Financial Advisory & Capital Raising

Financial Structures & Advisory, Inc. (“FS&A”) provides financial advisory/arranger services and financial restructuring services to private companies including early and growth stage companies.

Financial Structures & Advisory, Inc. (“FS&A”) is experienced in providing general and strategic advisory to private corporations targeting capital and operating efficiencies, acquisitions or divestitures, sell-side liquidity events, and to enhance profitability and sound balance sheet management. As part of FS&A’s assessment of capital efficiency, FS&A will advise and assist clients in raising or repositioning capital and debt. FS&A is also experienced in highly complex and structured transactions, including tax advantaged/lease based transactions requiring credit enhancement and capital market access.

FS&A’s services:

• Establishing protocols and strategic advice in negotiations with interested parties;

• Providing coordination and execution of tasks relating to its engagement;

• Providing appropriate financial and structuring analytics;

• Reviewing and/or preparing presentation materials to be submitted to interested parties;

• Identifying interested funding entities and relevant service providers;

• Providing post-closing support.

FS&A is not a registered broker/dealer and no officers or employees of FS&A are licensed or authorized to sell, advise or otherwise place securities. FS&A’s introductions to third party equity, or quasi-equity funding sources on behalf of clients does not constitute an offer to sell securities to, or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities from, anyone in any state, county or other jurisdiction.