Financing Solutions for Solar Energy

FS Advisor can help your municipality reap the benefits of reducing energy costs at a time when energy costs are set to surge. These benefits are a win/win as there are absolutely no costs or liability to you or the taxpayers, yet you will see an immediate 15% to 25% reduction in energy costs. For example, instead of paying 17 cents per kilowatt hour, you could be paying as little as 11 cents. This will clearly be viewed favorably by your constituents and allow you to stretch tight municipal budgets further.

The savings are made possible by the US Renewable Energy Investment Act of 2009 that created tax benefits and grants, which in turn fueled a significant new tax equity market that includes public market investors, venture capital and private equity funds. Put simply, it incentivizes private money to benefit the public-at-large and environment.

We install a minimum of 50,000 square feet of solar panels, immediately upgrading a dingy “brown” building and transforming it into a “green” building. This not only pays financial dividends, but improves your public image and reduces your municipality's carbon footprint. The technology employed has been time tested and requires no maintenance or repair costs throughout the life of the contract (typically 15 years). And the best part is that within 3 to 6 months of committing to this program, you can begin reaping the rewards.

Often converting your municipality to a more environmentally friendly, cleaner and less-expensive form of energy does not even require an RFP as no debt or other participant obligation is required. This is an opportunity that could not have come at a better time. As international events put pressure on rising energy costs, municipalities now have a way of minimizing their exposure and exercising some control over their budget process. Solar Energy is here to stay, make it work for you without any financial risk or exposure. There is no better way to protect taxpayers and to start saving money than to install our solar renewable energy rooftop panels today.